How to Release Stress Quickly and Easily!!

Earth and Sky Blue Spiraling EnergyWe are hearing all the time how STRESS is the biggest factor, by far, in all our health challenges. WOW, think about it, this is important information to be seriously considered! So, here’s a much needed, Quick and Easy Stress Release process that will transform your life. But truly, only if you use it…frequently!

Start with deep breathing, slow and steady breath into the abdomen. On the exhale, hold the intention that you are releasing the stress and sending it into the earth. The earth simply recycles it. Ask yourself where you’re holding this stress, a specific area, many areas or throughout your entire body.  Send the breath into these areas and keep releasing. You are in control here!

Ask yourself what primary emotion is connected to your stress. Acknowledge and embrace this emotion, and the source of the emotion, if you know what it is. Now, LET IT GO – let it pour into the earth or evaporate into space!!! You may have a secondary emotion or one that surfaces from the unconscious level. Repeat the process with any other stressful emotions that are ready to be released at that moment.

If you come up with a color that you feel good about, imagine that color circulating throughout your entire body and into your energy field around you, or direct it to a specific area where healing and release is needed. Dark and murky colors need to be released and replaced with beautiful, vibrant colors that energize and support you.

Now, see yourself in a great place, happy, enjoying yourself, confident, loved, well regarded and understood. You can employ a number of visualizations at this point, if you have time and feel like it. What you envision and intend…you absolutely create!! Notice how you feel. Repeat the process if needed. And That’s It!

You may need to repeat the process a few times, or many times, for more challenging issues. Each time you do this process, you should notice a lightening or dissolution of the stress and uncomfortable emotions you were holding onto. Often, with the general day to day stress, it is completely cleared in an instant. This process can easily be completed in 2-3 minutes, once you get used to the steps. If you are in a space to go with it, you can take longer and go deeper, but a lot can shift in a very short time, if you’re open to it.

All colors work great with this process. An excellent color to imagine is a metallic gold. Visualize a vat at the top of your head of metallic gold light, and see it pouring over your head, into your body and your energy field, clearing and cleansing you. Very powerful! My personal favorite is metallic gold with a light to medium pink hue. This color vibration is very spiritual in nature, and radiates harmony and compassion throughout your being. Enjoy!

Here’s to Vibrant Wellness and Living in the Flow!


REPATTERNING reduces stress on all levels and is a powerful catalyst for deep, personal breakthroughs! In a Repatterning session, the stress release process described above is called an “Energy Constriction Release”. For more info click HERE.

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